Kids Hip Hop Dance Classes

Are you looking for hip hop dance classes for your child in Singapore? Look no further as our engaging and energetic classes ensure your child gets the development that he or she needs, while having a good time!

Our kids’ dance classes focus on the techniques and movements of Hip Hop Dance. These dance classes help your child improve their balance, body coordination and sense of rhythm. Our courses over the different terms also lead up to a performance at the end of the year, offering the kids an important moment to perform and present their dance.

Minis & Kids Foundation Course

  • 8 Sessions x 1 hour each
  • $320 per Term

Unleash the Energy with Hip Hop! πŸ•ΊπŸ’₯

If your kiddo’s energy levels are off the charts, and their vibe is pure sunshine, then our Hip Hop dance course is calling their name!

Join us to:

✨ Explore a Fun Learning Environment
✨ Enhance Coordination Skills
✨ Interact with Peers of the Same Age

Let the rhythm fuel their enthusiasm and watch them shine on the dance floor.

Teens Competitive Training

  • 8 Sessions x 1.5 hour each
  • $420 per Term (excl. other costs)
  • Suitable for 7 – 16 years

Focusing on drills and competitive training, this is the course to build up your kiddo’s technical skills in preparation for competition.

  • Local/Overseas performance opportunities
  • Competition exposure
  • Year-end production

The best time to start is now. Contact us for more information!

DSA Private Class

  • 8 Sessions x 2 hours each
  • Contact us for prices!

Wish to prepare your child for Direct School Admission through dance? Our DSA Private classes function in solo/small group that is ideal for your child to grow and improve.

  • Personalized choreography for DSA
  • Customized evaluation and interview preparation
  • Progress Report

With decades of experience in schools and competition training, we’re here to help build your child up to be self-confident, resilient and ready for the DSA interview process.

Class Booking / Package

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