Kids Hip Hop Dance Classes

Are you looking for hip hop dance classes for your child in Singapore? Look no further as our engaging and energetic classes ensure your child gets the development that he or she needs, while having a good time!

Our kids’ dance classes focus on the techniques and movements of Hip Hop Dance. These dance classes help your child improve their balance, body coordination and sense of rhythm. Our courses over the different terms also lead up to a performance at the end of the year, offering the kids an important moment to perform and present their dance.

Kids Studio Calendar

Our kids courses this year are structured to prepare your kid for major milestones. By learning different genres and  understanding music and movement, they are prepped with the skills to put up an exciting and fun dance freestyle or showcase.

We’re ready bring your kid through a fun and enriching dance journey. Sign your kid up for a course or let them attend a trial class!

Course Fees:
$300 for 8 sessions
Payment by Bank Transfer or Paynow

Trial Class ($38):
Drop in for a trial class! Just contact us beforehand to reserve a slot.

Kids Hip Hop Dance Class

Mini (4 - 7) & Kids (8 - 12) Hip Hop Dance

If your child is energetic, active and vibrant, he or she will be a good fit to take up our Hip Hop dance course! Discover a fun learning environment to train coordination and interact with others of their age. Dancing to specially hand-picked energetic music, they’ll have a ball of time!

Kids DSA Training Poster

Kids DSA Training

Kids Direct School Admission (DSA) Training prepares students with a flair for dance to audition into choice secondary schools. Other than coached to refine the dance technique, the student will also acquire a choreography to present for the auditions.

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