Dance Performance

NAC-AEP Approved

Hall Assembly Programmes

Our carefully constructed Hall Assembly Programmes are NAC-Arts Education approved and great for captivating large audience groups. These programmes aim to educate students by exposing them to the culture and history of various dance styles. Facilitated by our senior dance coaches, the programme features energetic dance performances, live demonstrations and an interactive presentation that encourages participation.

The Hall Cypher : Hall Showcase

Our Hall Cypher programme is an NAC-AEP approved hall programme.

The energetic and unique street dance hall showcase features live demonstrations by professional dance coaches and covers the history of street dance.

The 60-min showcase includes an interaction segment to excite students and give them a hands-on experience while learning simple dance moves.

Dance styles include Hip Hop Dance, Breaking, Popping, Locking and Korean Pop (K-Pop). This programme is Suitable for ages 7 and above.

Programme ID: AEP0120708

Jazz Do It! : Hall Showcase

Discover the world of Jazz dance, including new age Jazz styles like Broadway, Modern and Street Jazz.

This 60-min hall programme utilises a creative approach to introduce Jazz dance culture and its’ history to the students.

Students will be educated on dance terminology and techniques, develop rhythm, groove, strength and body awareness. Suitable for ages 7 and above.

Programme ID: AEP0120713

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 Dance Excursion

Participants will take a trip down to EV Studio for a Dance Excursion Programme.


Hip Hop Party!

Here’s where children will brought into the world of Hip Hop Dance through a time of party! This  60-min programme aims to provide a discovery experience to encourage children to explore creativity through dance, improve their coordination and develop self-expression.

They will be exposed to an easily digestible history of Hip Hop Dance and will gain a better understanding through visual showcases and demonstrations from a professional team of dancers and coaches. Suitable for ages 7 and above.

Programme ID: AEP0120712

EV School Out! Dance Excursion

A dance excursion for students to experience how local dance professional training ground is like. Within this 180 minute session, students will be brought into the world of Street Dance through a time of party! The session will take place in the setting of a professional dance studio, where professional dancers and certified coaches will share the fundamentals of hip hop dancing and building the connection in the KPOP evolution through hip hop elements with performances and fun-filled dance activities.

Students will apply the choreography techniques they have learnt to conceptualise and create a movement combination, using imagination and creativity to reference daily objects and events. Through the showcases performed to their peers, students will practise performance etiquette and build up their confidence and showmanship.

Programme ID: AEP0120710 (Primary to Tertiary)


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 Dance Enrichment

Our Dance Enrichment Programmes are designed to help students develop in multiple ways, such as…

  • Creative thinking
  • Team-building
  • Rhythm
  • Coordination
  • Listening skills
  • Improve their sensory perception

We offer a range of programmes that follow the guiding principles of PAL and SEL, some of which are also approved as an NAC-Arts Education Programme. All our programmes are listed below with details in each dropdown box.

Most programmes can be conducted as a mass dance workshop. Our lesson plans are regularly reviewed to ensure that the activities are always engaging, even for easily-distracted children.

Born in the 70’s in the Bronx, New York, Hip Hop dance is a dynamic way to build strength, co-ordination and groove. Exploring the variation of dance moves help students develop creative thinking and improves mental focus.

NAC-AEP Approved:
Mini Hoppers (AEP0120706) – Preschool
KPOP Don’t Stop! (AEP0120711) – Preschool
Groove to the Street: Kpop or Hippie Hop (AEP0120707) – Primary to Tertiary

Movement Habits is a freestyle and improvisation dance programme aimed at expanding students’ freestyle vocabulary, and refining their dance identity. Improvisation and freestyle dance provide an open-ended approach that diverges from the usual classroom setting in our Dance Enrichment classes and CCAs.

NAC-AEP Approved:
Dance Movement Habits (AEP0120709) – Secondary to Tertiary

Be exposed to an array of dance techniques while emphasising on polyrhythm and improvisation. Jazz dance improves physicality by focusing on extensions and mobility.

NAC-AEP Approved:
Jazz Do It! (AEP0120705) – Primary to Tertiary